• iPhone 11: Apple goes back to battle over repairs

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  • iPhone 11: Apple goes back to battle over repairs


    Telecom giant from Cupertina continues to restrict rights clients.

    Apple has been discussing repairing broken iPhones with its users for years. Although Apple estimates its customers too stupid to perform repairs themselves (or have them performed), it seems much more of a common money issue. This seemed to be behind us when Apple announced that it will allow iphone reparatie gent by third parties, but with the iPhone 11 they start again from scratch.


    In a so-called 'support note' to users, Apple explains in the by now familiar infantile way that problems can arise with the screen when a screen is replaced by an unofficial one. Now I'm not an iPhone technician, but the chance that a repairman will put a screen that doesn't fit in the iPhone seems not too big to me anyway. In addition, many technical problems are mentioned that could occur, for example after an update of iOS.

    Even more laughable is the argument that an uncertified repairer would leave loose parts, such as screws in the smartphone. Of course Apple protects its customers, who apparently are smart enough to pay for a smartphone of about € 1.000,-, but according to the same Apple they cannot choose how to have their smartphone repaired properly.


    A 'nice' message like the one below will appear again.

    iphone reparatie gent


    Now this was received with disgust earlier when they did that with the batteries of the iPhone X, but apparently they have a grievance about that. The message remains visible for no less than 4 days in the lock screen and 15 days in the settings. After that, in the 'about this iPhone' menu, the following message remains permanently: "unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display". This is obviously not conducive to resale value.

    Of course such a policy wouldn't be complete without some threats, after all, customers are just customers. You guessed it ... If Apple suspects that any damage or malfunction of the iPhone is related to a fake display or replacement by the wrong party, the warranty is void. That's pretty quick, because according to these specialists, a screen problem is even the cause of a failing battery, and Cupertino knows a thing or two about that. On the positive side, we can say that Apple is lenient towards its customers. In the past they blocked your property as an iPhone owner without shame.


    Perhaps it's an idea for Apple to stop 'bullying customers' and once again develop a business model based on innovation and revolutionary inventions rather than wringing out paying customers.


    May 2, 2020
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